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Electric Boats: The Volt 180

Electric Boats: The Volt 180



At the present time, high performance and high speed electric boats are a thing. Consequently, the Canadian Electric Boat Company is proud to unveil its latest model: the Volt 180. This multifunctional electric boat can serve all purposes ranging from a pleasant family boat cruiser, to a fun thrilling water ski boat, as a sport fishing boat, a commercial water taxi and is sturdy enough to withstand the rigorous turnover in a rental fleet.





The hull of the Volt 180 is made from a similar fibreglass infusion technique used in much larger boats. As such, composite materials are meticulously and precisely set throughout the hull construction process. As a result, this technique creates a perfect balance and control of material thickness.




Motorization can be outfitted, starting with a 2 kWh propulsion system, all the way up to match Torqeedo Deep Blue 60 kWh engine. With the 60KWh outfit, it will be possible to practice water ski and navigate in high current waters. BMW manufactures the 32-kWh lithium-ion battery on this high performance version.


Finally, we believe more time on the water is where value stands. All of CEBC electric boats require a minimum of maintenance. The Volt 180 is easy to use and is perfectly designed for hire or to serve as water taxi. Fishermen will be surprised by its stability, fishing rod holders and a livewell are optional. Furthermore, the 18-footer Volt 180 can accommodate up to 14 passengers.


All of CEBC electric boats are customizable to reflect the personality and needs of our customers. Head to our build-a-boat tool and start customizing your Volt 180 now!



- Hull color: White

- Interior color: Navy

- Interior details: White 




- Weblon Canopy

- Torqeedo 2.0 Salt Water Series

- 8 Lead Acid Batteries

- Mahogany Table

- Cleats

- Horn Permateek Cockpit Flooring and Bathing Platform

- Underwater Light

- Nightime Navigation Lights

- Premium Sound System Full

- Boat Cover

- Bottom Paint


More information about the Volt 180:


Dario Gomez




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