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Itajaí returns as host city for The Ocean Race

The Ocean Race 2021-22 will stop in Itajaí, Brazil, marking the fourth consecutive time the city on the Santa Catarina coastline will host the iconic event.   In 2017-18, Ita...
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Vendée Globe - Yoann Richomme: ''I just did not want to compromise and try and go with a poorly put together project''

Yoann Richomme was a Vendée Globe 2020 candidate and was at the skippers and organisation meeting on October 3rd. But in light of the fact he has not managed to secure the right level of fun...
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Vendée Globe - Clarisse gets physical

Since early July, Clarisse Crémer has been clocking up the miles and working hard to adapt her knowledge of sailing to make the most of her first IMOCA, Banque Populaire X. She has been maki...
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The Ocean Race - Still turning the tide

Former The Ocean Race skipper Dee Caffari talks about ocean health and her plans for the next edition of the Race.   Dee Caffari skippered the Turn the Tide on Plastic b...
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America's Cup 2021 - One class, two different designs: what next ?

The much-anticipated launch of the first two AC75 foiling monohull yachts from the Defender Emirates Team New Zealand and USA Challenger NYYC American Magic respectively did not disappoint the ...
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Vendée Globe - The Défi Azimut proves a useful test

The Défi Azimut has grown in stature over recent years, transitioning from what once was a friendly gathering before the big races of each Autumn, to become what is now a proper sporting tes...
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Genoa to host the Grand Finale of the The Ocean Race 2021-22

Italian city selected to host finish of The Ocean Race

Genoa will be the finish of the next edition of The Ocean Race, marking the first time the fully-crewed, ar...
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Cabo Verde will host The Ocean Race in first ever West African stop in 2021-22

Cabo Verde becomes a new stop on the circuit as the next edition of The Ocean Race will visit a West African nation for the first time...   For the first time in its history, The Ocean...
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Golden Globe Race: 3 years to the start of the 2022 GGR

- Independent Media report values coverage of the 2018 GGR at $185m   - 22 paid up entrants to-date – 17 with boats!   - First Joshua Class yacht to be launched next...
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Vendée Globe - Kojiro Shiraishi: Yukoh's spirit will always be present with us

The launching of Koji Shiraishi’s new IMOCA DMG MORI encompassed a beautiful baptism that respected Japanese traditions as well as those of the West. After the obligatory bottle of champagne ...
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Compagna della Vela: Il Moro di Venezia II sui campi di regata. Il ritorno di un Mito

Venezia: passato, presente e futuro hanno caratterizzato un giornata speciale per Venezia, per la Compagnia della Vela e per tutti gli appassionati di vela.   Alle ore 17,00 di sabato ...
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The Hague will host The Ocean Race in 2022

The Race first came to The Hague with a ‘pitstop’ on the final leg of the 2014-15 edition. In the last race, The Hague was billed as the Ultimate Destination, and as the finish port it ...
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Vendée Globe - Isabelle Joschke: ''It’s a new start''

Many people gathered in Lorient for the launch of Isabelle Joschke's remodelled MACSF monohull. In addition to many representatives of the sponsors who came to share the moment, there in the th...
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Aarhus confirmed as Host City for The Ocean Race 2021-22

The city - one of Europe's top sailing hotspots – will become the first ever Danish Host City in 2022...   The Ocean Race will come to Aarhus, Denmark during the spring of 20...
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America's Cup 2021: anticipation grows for AC75 launches

It is always a big deal in any America’s Cup cycle when the first tranche of AC Class yachts is revealed. Fans and teams alike pore over every photograph and video they can get their hand...
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Golden Globe Race - Changes to 2022 GGR Notice of Race

While the 2018 Golden Globe Race was the second edition of this great Race, it was also a world first Retro solo circumnavigation adventure. It was never meant to be a replica of the 1968 original....
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GC32 Racing Tour 2019: Alinghi di Ernesto Bertarelli 2° classificato alla 38ma Copa del Rey a Palma di Maiorca

4 agosto 2019, Palma di Maiorca (Spagna): 132 imbarcazioni distribuite in quattro aree di regata, 26 nazionalità e circa 1.500 velisti si sono dati appuntamento a Palma di Maiorca per la tra...
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36th America's Cup - A quick trip to New York Yacht Club

A quick trip to the New York Yacht Club in Newport Rhode Island for a Cup update. As the sun set and the sky turned deep orange over Narragansett Bay, the New York Yacht Club in Newport Rhode Islan...
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Golden Globe Race has a BIG sister ! Why ?

The 2018 Golden Globe Race achieved everything we hoped for. It was affordable, challenging, fun and shocking with a warm family atmosphere driven from the front by the simple human aspects of the ...
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Building the next America's Cup and its legacy

With the 36th America’s Cup less than 90 weeks away, Auckland’s waterfront is quickly transforming to become the hub of America’s Cup action for the event in 2021 and to leave...
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    Yacht Club Italiano: concluso oggi il Campionato del Mondo 2.4 mR
    Si è chiuso oggi il Mondiale della piccola classe metrica dopo una settimana caratterizzata da condizioni meteo molto impegnative. Podio al femminile, con due donne nelle prime tre posizioni. Dominio della inglese Megan Pascoe, protagonista...
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    Fiera del Mare a Taranto: intervenuto Matteo Italo Ratti in rappresentanza del Consorzio Marine della Toscana
    Fiera del Mare a Taranto, intervenuto anche Matteo Italo Ratti in rappresentanza del Consorzio Marine della Toscana e del Distretto della Nautica e della Portualità della Regione Toscana.   Tema della convention l’economia...
    Fonte: Paola Ribeiro Franci Ufficio Comunicazione | Communication Office
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    36th America's Cup - Two more boats: new design differences
    After 18 months of heavy secrecy shrouding anything to do with the AC75s, the 75 foot foiling monohull is quickly becoming an open affair with two new boats unveiled last week less than 48 hours apart. This brings the total to four and provides...
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    Trani, via ai lavori dell’Assemblea Generale dei Soci della Lega Navale Italiana
    Primo giorno di lavori per l’Assemblea Generale dei Soci della Lega Navale Italiana, alla presenza di oltre 120 Delegati provenienti da tutta Italia in rappresentanza delle Strutture Periferiche.   Presso la sede sociale della Sezione...
    Fonte: Matteo Spinelli
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    Ancilla Domini dopo un primo posto di categoria alla Barcolana 51, partecipa alla Venice Hospitality Challenge e alla Veleziana
    Trieste, 18 ottobre 2019: la 51esima edizione della Barcolana, che si è conclusa, domenica 13 ottobre, con la vittoria in classifica generale di Way of Life, si é rivelata un’ottima regata anche per l’Ancilla Domini-Prosecco...
    Fonte: Ufficio Stampa Ancilla Domini-Prosecco DOC
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    The Ocean Race - Building a Team for a Dream
    The Austrian Ocean Race Project has christened its VO65 'Sisi'
    Last week, the Austrian Ocean Race Project launched its campaign for The Ocean Race with the christening of its VO65 race boat at a ceremony in Portopiccolo, in the Gulf of Trieste in Italy.   It marks the first time an Austrian team has...
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Isola di Sant'Andrea - Gallipoli (LE)
L'Isola di Sant'Andrea è una piccola isola del Mar Ionio che appartiene amministrativamente al comune di Gallipoli, in provincia di Lecce, nella Puglia meridionale.   L'isola di Sant'Andrea si estende per circa cinquanta...
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