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Technohull to debut in Asia Pacific at Sydney International Boat Show 2017

Technohull to debut in Asia Pacific at Sydney International Boat Show 2017

- The Greek shipyard on display with two hulls of the seaDNA999 at the leading Australian boat show (August 3-7, 2017) with its exclusive dealer Ray White Marine. The largest boat show in the Southern Hemisphere  Sydney International Boat Show is the perfect event for such an important premiere


- This 10.3 meter RIB is available with several different layouts


- With its eight propulsion options, the RIB can reach a top speed of 90 knots(*) 


The Greek shipyard Technohull will enter the Asia-Pacific market with a great debut at the upcoming Sydney International Boat Show (August 3-7, 2017). Two hulls of the seaD- NA999 are going to make a splash with the Australian exclusive distributor Ray White Ma- rine.


“We are extremely excited for our inaugural Technohull display at the all new Sydney In- ternational Boat Show”, says Brock Rodwell, Sales Director of Ray White Marine“Having sold several units without the product being stocked locally, this gives our clients the best platform to see the hand built quality and craftsmanship of Technohull with two 2017 models on display, both fitted with powerful 800hp engine options. The on-water per- formance is the easy sell, as the RIBs speak for themselves. I have not conducted one sea trial where the client is not amazed & genuinely shocked by the Technohull handling and top-end performance. We expect to sell several units over the 5 days show period”.


Impressive seaworthiness, high performance and intriguing design are the qualities that assure Technohull as an ideal fit for the Australian market. “Australia has a very harsh cli- mate and challenging sea conditions, Technohull fits this brief perfectly”, states Brock Rod- well. “We want to get from A-B quickly & comfortably, this is what the price-competitive European product delivers”.


Other decisive factors are undoubtedly the attention to details and finishing. The Mediter- ranean style has historically been very popular at the Asia-Pacific market, Rodwell himself confirms: “Australian's are influenced heavily by Mediterranean boating, we have similar wants, needs and desires when it comes to luxury boating. Our clients see the product as an impressive, go-fast product that is the same price as another Maserati or  Lamborghini in their garage. It has all the amenities they want from larger vessels and they do not re- quire crew or captains to enjoy extended days out on our waterways”.


Sydney International Boat Show is the perfect event for such an important premiere.


It’s one of the most popular and successful yachting exhibitions in the Asia-Pacific region. “This year is the first year for the re-branded and redeveloped Sydney International Boat Show,” states Brock Rodwell. “Ray White Marine, as the exclusive distributor for Techno- hull and Ferretti Group products, will be on display in prime position on the Western float- ing dock, with five vessels in the main Darling Harbour on-water display; all staff & hostesses will be at hand including Chinese translators. On the Saturday evening Ray White Marine will host an exclusive VIP event for both Technohull & Ferretti  Group clients”.




With a length of 10.3 meters and a beam of 2.8, the seaDNA999 can adapt to a wide range of owners. This is easily seen in the three versions of the bow area that the yard offers.


Open: Here we have a V-shaped settee that conceals a spacious storage area, while the raised step at the peak considerably facilitates embarking and disembarking, making this version ideal as a tender for large yachts.


Delta: Perfect for relaxing daily use and enjoyable anchorages immersed in nature thanks to the sun-bathing area that covers the entire bow area.


Cabin: Dedicated to those who want to enjoy short cruises, this layout is characterized by a cabin with a double bed and an enclosed bathroom. Light and air are assured by the large companionway.




The ergonomic center console is equipped with two wrap-around shock-absorbing seats, perfect for safe and controlled steering even in rough seas. The instrument panel includes a “Smart Central Consol Touchscreen”. The optional mobile kitchen with sink and burner is located aft of the console seats. A real “toy for boys”!




While the yard chooses to offer three versions of the bow area, astern they offer four! Three of the four versions are for the outboard motor propulsion systems and let the owner chose between an elongated divan, a U-shaped settee, or a recessed sun-deck.


In all three versions the two bathing platforms with boarding ladders next to the motors are perfect for afternoons at anchor and refreshing showers.


The yard’s inboard propulsion option includes an elongated divan and an extra-large sun- bathing area above the engine room. A classic solution whose strength is its convenience.




As we stated above, performance and handling are among the fundamental strengths of the Alimos’ yard. Owners may choose from a wide range of propulsion systems for the seaDNA999 to take full advantage of the deep-V hull that guarantees an easy ride over the waves and perfect control even when making maneuvers at high speed.


The outboard version offers four horsepower options (2x250hp, 2x300hp, 2x350hp, 2x400hp) that ensure astounding performance, from a top speed of 68 knots for the base version (with a cruising speed of 50 knots) to a top speed of 80 knots (70 cruising) with the twin 400hp option. The two models to be shown at the Sydney International Boat Show have exactly this configuration.


The inboard version includes two options: a single engine with either 220 or 370hp or twin engines of 265hp each. The seaDNA999 has a top speed of 63 knots depending on the configuration chosen.




Versatility, performance and an ever so close attention paid to detailing and materials. These are the concepts that are at the basis of all the RIBs produced by the Greek Technohull shipyard and are all perfectly integrated in their best selling model, the seaDNA999 that can reach a top speed of 90 knots(*) with exceptional safety - another obsession guiding the entire Technohull team.


These concepts are part of the DNA of the Greek yard from Alimos, one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Athens. These concepts have permitted - since the birth of the yard in 2005 - to produce a series of models that are so versatile that they are ideal both as luxury tenders for large yachts or for elegant medium range cruising.


The infusion built hull, made of epoxy resins and multi-directional fibers, ensures an extremely solid platform for the standard ORCA Penel Flippo 1670 tubes.


All phases of construction take place in-house, within the yard’s premises and are performed by highly specialized technicians following rigid international standards.


(*) Top speed indications are based on our factory testing program. Boat speed may vary depending on weight, fuel load, water conditions, wind, engine package, engine tuning, propellers, number of passengers and numerous other factors beyond our control.




Technohull was founded in 2005. Since then, the yard has designed, produced and sold luxury high performance innovative RIB’s – all in-house. Technohull is a Greek company known for their impressively fast and safe high-end RIBs since their beginning in the local market and the Mediterranean area. Over the last ten years the experienced and enthusiastic Technohull team has expanded in the international boating market, achieving both remarkable and stable growth in production and sales.


Based in Athens, Technohull has a business network that promotes the excellence of “Made in Greece” with their one-of-a-kind aesthetic taste, design & innovation appeal.


The mission: Since the company’s inception, Technohull’s mission is based on four core values: extreme performance, perfect safety and seaworthiness, top efficiency and long distance traveling ability. Each element of a Technohull RIB is produced and installed by highly expert in-house artisans, from the mould and hull layers to the teak decks. Every single unit is designed from scratch and is based on a different hull model to best fit the length and the different characteristics required by its owner. Highest quality materials are selected in every construction and finishing process. Top quality gelcoat colors, multi-directional fibers and high quality resins are standard in every boat. All Technohull models are equipped with ORCA Penel Flippo 1670 tube fabrics. Vacuum infusion technology, epoxy materials and of course hand-laid polyester are all combined when producing GRP elements. Completing the sophisticated hull design, top quality techniques and materials are applied throughout - the required process for building a masterpiece. True epoxy vacuum infusion lamination with special multi-directional fabrics and foam cored layers, cured in a carefully controlled oven, ensure the absolute best construction process for a super strong, very lightweight boat. Many parts are built of pure carbon fiber, further reducing overall weight. Throughout the production process ISO 9001:2008 standards are strictly followed.

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