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News / All-electric, modular superyacht tender DutchCraft 25 launched at...
All-electric, modular superyacht tender DutchCraft 25 launched at Boot Düsseldorf 2020

All-electric, modular superyacht tender DutchCraft 25 launched at Boot Düsseldorf 2020

- World premiere of DutchCraft’s multipurpose innovative superyacht tender


- 8-metre full-electric, carbon fiber tender with a modular deck design


- Minimalist, efficient boat for practical owners


- 75 minutes’ cruising time at 32 knots or six hours at six knots


- In-house design and engineering – made in Holland


- DutchCraft is the sister company to Zeelander Yachts


DutchCraft shipyard has unveiled the first unit of its DC25 full electric, carbon fiber tender at Boot Düsseldorf 2020 (January 18-26), in a world premiere. The innovative boat is the second model in the young Dutch brand’s line-up of multipurpose, capable and fun yachts. It has a modular deck design that allows for fast and easy changes between operational modes such as superyacht tender, dive boat, sport fisher, toy carrier and family cruiser.



We are happy to unveil our innovative tender – designed and built in the Netherlands – at an event as strong as Boot Düsseldorf,” commented DutchCraft Marketing Coordinator Floris Koopmans. “For DutchCraft, as a young brand it is very important get acquainted with our target audience and there’s no better way to do it than to present the product at its best.”


A clean and silent force


DutchCraft explored the opportunities and the challenges involved in the evolution from combustion engines to hybrids or fully-electric drivetrains. This transition led to a totally new approach to the design of a superyacht tender.The low and compact drivetrain frees up a ton of deck space, which DutchCraft optimized by implementing a modular deck system that is able to support a wide variety of purposes.


The maximum battery capacity is 134kWh, while the continuous power is 100kWh. The boat is able to cruise fast at 32 knots for up to 75 minutes, which is more than enough to deliver guests from a superyacht to the shore and back several times, or even to go waterskiing. At the same time, it can cruise for up to six hours at six knots, which allows peaceful exploration of hidden bays or islands for a day trip with no fumes or noise whatsoever.


We believe electric propulsion will be key in a future that cares about ocean preservation,” said Koopmans. “We are committed to investing in this positive movement, and the technology that we have developed for the DC25 is a step in the right direction.”



Flexible and practical


The key features of the new DutchCraft 25 are robust and practical design, capacity, flexible layout, range and ease of use. The boat has an efficient V-shaped hull form and simple one-level deck with a number of seating options. Almost the entire space is open, except for the helm station, which is covered by a hardtop, while a front glass protects the driver from possible strong wind gusts. This hardtop is collapsible, which is an advantage and saves a lot of space when stowed in a garage.


The DC25 is a versatile yacht that can serve as superyacht tender, sport boat, family cruiser, guest or groceries shuttle, fishing boat, scuba diving platform or toy carrier,” added Koopmans.



Another unique layout feature is the proprietary hinged bow door design. Guests can walk directly to and from the beach via the foredeck, without the risk of getting wet.


High sides give an enhanced sense of safety and protection, while the transom opens to create a spacious swim platform from which to dive or sunbathe.


Space, space, space


In the DC25,DutchCrafthas created a model that fits as many requirements as possible into one boat. Behind the center console, furniture and fixtures are quickly interchanged along double deck railings, such as padded bench seating or custom dive racks. The benches can be converted into different set-ups to change passenger interaction on board. When the deck is cleared, there is enough space to transport a land vehicle, a pair of jetskis, provisions or accessories.


Additional padded benches convert the DC25 into a comfortable guest shuttle with space for up to 12 passengers. The boat is perfect for diving fans; there is a custom rack module for up to eight dive sets, complemented by a back-to-back bench layout and storage for two Seabob underwater scooters. For showers, rinsing and wash-downs, the freshwater tank has ample capacity. The aft area of DutchCraft’s electric tender is large enough to carry several motocross bikes or stand up paddleboats, a compact submarine or a 5-meter sailing dinghy.


Front and rear access provide hassle-free unloading and loading, while the unique bow door makes beach landings a breeze,” explains Floris Koopmans.


New horizons for DutchCraft


A limousine version of the DC25 is currently in development. It will be very useful and practical as a luxury guest shuttle with added protection, while carrying the DNA of all DutchCraft models.




The DutchCraft 25 has a starting price of €275,000.


DC25 brief specifications

Length overall:

Length at waterline: 



Max persons on board:

Max speed: 

Continuous power: 

Peak power (20 sec.):

Battery (standard): 

Battery (optional): 

Freshwater (optional):




Exterior design: 


Sound and vibration control:

Naval Architecture:

8.04m / 26.3ft

7.3m / 24.0ft

2.38m / 7.8ft

0.82m / 1.48ft






112Wh & 134kWh

150L / 40gal

Up to 6 hours at 6kn

Carbon fiber







About DutchCraft


DutchCraft is a Netherlands-based, family-owned yacht builder specializing in the construction of yachts that are extremely versatile. Its vessels simultaneously offer spacious socializing and accommodation spaces while also providing a robust and seaworthy platform from which to explore. DutchCraft yachts can be used for everything from exploring remote island chains to providing a platform for diving and fishing to hosting chic parties. The yachts are designed and engineered to be easily maintained, with relatively low running costs. All design and engineering work at DutchCraft is carried out in-house.

The company was founded by Sietse Koopmans, who is also the owner of Zeelander Yachts, renowned builder of luxury sports cruiser yachts since 2002.

Current DutchCraft model range: DC25 and DC56.


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