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Venandi: Luxury Tenders

Venandi: Luxury Tenders

Enjoy Venandi


Whether you wish to enjoy your boat relaxing with family or prefer to speed it up with friends, a Venandi tender makes it easy. With our yachts, we aim to enrich your ultimate maritime lifestyle.


From sunbathing on the sunbed to swimming with easy acces by using the swimming platform: imagine enjoying the Côte d’Azur with your own Venandi Yacht. Or simply boating along European lakes and rivers.


Venandi Yachts are versatile ships that are as suitable for use on their own as they are for use as superyacht tenders. Thanks to the perfect combination of craftmanship, Dutch design and high-end materials, our tenders offer a luxurious flexibility.


Venandi: in pursuit of Luxury Tenders

Fueled by determination and passion for his trade, Dutchman Roel Hachmang founded Venandi. Why the name Venandi? This derivation from the Latin vēnor – to hunt or pursue – captures the essence of the company’s drive: always in pursuit of the most luxurious tender.


Extensive Experience


The Venandi adventure is not a fling for entrepreneur Roel Hachmang. With his first company Hachmang Maritiem – a maritime superyacht installation company – he has years of experience working on superyachts and tenders. During the past decade, Hachmang Maritiem has worked for and with the most renowned Dutch shipyards, such as Royal van Lent, De Vries, Oceanco and Mulder. And like these superstars of the boating industry, Hachmang is ready to exceed all expectations with his Venandi tenders!
Passion for boating
After delivering countless superyachts, Hachmang knows how to achieve and maintain high-quality work. Owning a Venandi will be owning a ship that has been built with knowledge, craftmanship and a profound passion for boating.


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