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Gommoni, Tender e Gozzi / Onda Tenders expands its dealer network to Scandinavia with Onda ...
Onda Tenders expands its dealer network to Scandinavia with Onda Norge AS

Onda Tenders expands its dealer network to Scandinavia with Onda Norge AS

Builder of fully customized, perfectly engineered luxury tenders is now represented in Norway


Onda Tenders is pleased to announce that it is now represented in Scandinavia by Onda Norge AS, which is based in Kolbotn near Oslo, Norway.


Onda 321L - Credits Jeff Brown

Founded by passionate boat enthusiasts, Onda Norge AS understands the needs and desires of its customers, and provides complete guidance on selection of layouts, fabrics and equipment, as well as understanding weather and sea conditions, and how to get the most enjoyment out of summers spent on the water in Scandinavia.


The link to the region is not the first for Onda Tenders, which works with celebrated Scandinavian boat designers Mannerfelt Team, based in Sweden.


 Onda 331GT outboard version

“When we first experienced driving an Onda boat, we instantly knew that the company builds boats with the same values that we uphold at Onda Norge AS. The excellent seakeeping capabilities, feeling of safety and ease of handling from an Onda that we experienced will no doubt inspire many of our boat enthusiast customers, too,” commended Gunnar Solberg, CEO at Onda Norge AS.


Onda Norge AS says that it will support Onda Tenders’ focus on exclusive performance and quality, as well as offer customers a “full service” solution that will maximize their enjoyment on the water during the Scandinavian summer season.


Onda 341P


As a first in the industry, the company offers a holistic approach to customer service, including complimentary driving training to buyers in order to improve their boat handling skills and reinforce a strong safety mindset. Onda Norge AS provides this training in association with the Norwegian Search & Rescue Organization (Redningsselskapet) alongside expert high-speed and performance boat racing professional Pål Virik Nilsen, to ensure each customer can experience their new Onda boat to the fullest.


“We are thrilled and feel honoured to be able to represent Onda in Norway, as we feel Onda produces boats that fulfil our requirements towards quality and seakeeping. And with Onda’s brand equity and design, we are sure to fill a gap in the market, where performance is combined with comfort within the day cruiser and leisure range,” added Gunnar Solberg.


Press Office / Sand People Communication 


Cover photo Onda 331GT inboard version

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