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The one thing to know about a movie star before you go to Boot Düsseldorf

The one thing to know about a movie star before you go to Boot Düsseldorf

Twello, 19th of January 2019

The one thing you need to know about a movie star before visiting Boot Dusseldorf.


Before you go to Boot Dusseldorf 19-27 January 2019, we would like to give you an opportunity to tell you about ALUQA's pre-owned line, which gives you the possibility to acquire a pre-owned lightweight aluminium exclusive boat and have it in your possession immediately from the start of this season. More information below:


The movie star ALUQA Abalone 28 pre-owned

The main model in our campaigns the last years has been treated in the best possible way. A movie star should be in the best possible condition, should have the right features and talents. As this model has been fully tested and preserved, it will be coming for sale. The lightweight aluminium body brings core stability and robustness, all contribute to its agility. Due to a strong engine and low body weight, it reaches a max. speed of 50 km/h and can take up to 9 passengers. It comes with a guarantee and extended boat care option. As ALUQA owns its own shipyard, it can still come in different colors, trims and features as you wish.


Your chance to own our movie star

The ALUQA Abalone 28 is currently for preservation in its own shipyard, the headquarters in The Netherlands. It is possible to come and see the ALUQA but also to sign up for a testdrive. It will be a bit colder weather then we had in our fotoshoot. This specific boat is still adaptable in color, specific features and trim.


Further inquiries

If you have questions on the ALUQA Abalone 28 pre-owned you can reach us through, our webchat and contact us directly. It is also our invitation to you to leave us a note, comment or a question. We are happy to answer you everything! Enjoy life, enjoy ALUQA.

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