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Invictus Yacht to debut in Australia at Sydney Intl Boat Show 2017 with 3 boats

Invictus Yacht to debut in Australia at Sydney Intl Boat Show 2017 with 3 boats

- Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Sydney Boat Show, the Italian shipyard on display with three models: 280GT, 280TT and 240FX at the leading Australian show (August 3-7, 2017) with its exclusive dealer Sundance Marine


-280GT, the shipyard debut model and best selling with Invictus typical reverse bow and a careful attention to details into the design


- 280TT tender version of the 280GT perfect for cruising or as a maxi yacht tender.


Designed for flexibility, comfort and safety, as always with the best styling imaginable


- 240FX featuring an outboard powered high performance hull, the 240 FX is perfect for cutting through big seas.


Invictus is ready to wow Sydney at the SIBS (August 3-7). Three models are going to make a splash with the Australian exclusive distributor Sundance Marine - Stand M103-107.


“Sundance Marine started representing the Invictus brand in Australia following the 2016 Cannes Boat Show,“ Sundance Marine Director David Beck said “After the successful launch at the Melbourne Boat Show in May 2017, we are anticipating a lot of interest and excitement at the upcoming 50th Sydney International Boat Show. The Invictus range of boats has great potential in the Sydney market where the weather is normally milder and Sydney Harbour is home to an endless list of spectacular landmarks and sheltered bays. We’re really excited to display the unique Invictus range at the Sydney Boat Show. Aside from representing amazing value, the Invictus designs are unique and stylish - they’ll certainly be noticed on the water this summer”.


“The wide range Invictus offers - from the small 190FX to the futuristic 370GT - would allow anyone to find a boat that fits his/her requirements. In Australia, Italian products are synonymous with prestige and premium qualities. Invictus boats also have premium components and there is significant attention put into the detail of the finished products.


Sundance Marine is well placed to grow and introduce these premium brands to the Australian boating community, in a country where boating is a popular leisure activity.”




It reverse bow appears both sharp and massive at the same time, merging into the sides of the hull without frippery and crafted ad hoc using uniform transitions between full and empty shapes, while the cabin windows and the air intakes for the engines are shaped like simple lines that emphasize the monolithic characters that Christian Grande desired. The choice of this particular bow structure also allows for a longer waterline length for increased lengthwise stability, and regarding interior space, allows for a substantial increase in below-deck livability.


Surfaces are designed as if they were carved shapes, and impart a sensation of sturdiness that is able to withstand any kinds of abuse and the worst aggression of the sea.


The concept of sturdiness takes nothing away from the very attentive approach that has always characterized the work of the designer from Parma: the Invictus open yachts are always very attentive to every detail, from the choice of finishings to the completeness of the equipment.


The bridge, which also includes access to the interior, is protected by a wide sweep-around windscreen and equipped with the latest digital instrumentation, and includes a video monitor and a very useful inclinometer.  




For owners who never compromise, the new Invictus 280TT is the perfect boat for cruising or as a maxi yacht tender. Every aspect of the TT series is designed for flexibility, comfort and safety, as always with the best styling imaginable.


The 280TT has the same semi-reverse bow found on the GT Series, and is complete with an ample U- shaped settee that runs along both sides of the bow section. Below decks there is more space than what one would expect, thanks to the choice of the bow layout and the expert design of the area. This also gives her a bathroom with shower and dressing room in a single comfortable space. This is a great advantage for a yacht that, on paper, would only be used for quick commuting trips between the yacht and shore. Invictus wanted to offer more with the concept of the tender-yacht, so that with the 280TT you can choose whether to use her as a support boat or as a true yacht for day cruises. She is a sophisticated and compact vessel, filled with state-of-the-art equipment with an elegant and innovative design.


Her vocation as a sophisticated tender takes shape in the shape of the hull, smooth and imposing thanks to the lengthy fenders that underline, aesthetically and functionally, the constant day to day use that a tender undergoes.  




Featuring an outboard powered high performance hull, the 240 FX is perfect for cutting through big seas. The finishings, equipment and materials used in the 240 FX are in no way inferior to larger motorboats.


Her small size compromises neither her harmonious lines nor the quality work found onboard. Both the “Leisure” and “Fishing” versions offer elegance and comfort for guests, with several possibilities available thanks to the forward zone that can be equipped with a comfortable settee or left clear for hard-core fishermen.


The console and helm station have been carefully designed for complete integration and use. Space on the 240 FX has been fully exploited with a small dressing room belowdecks, with the option of a WC. Additional details demonstrate the multiple uses and sportive character of the Invictus model.


Every Invictus 240 FX owner will also receives a shoreside storage box for his fish or waterskis, a rack for his fishing rods or the folding awning and a folding table for the foredeck, a perfect compliment to the U-shaped settee. The “Fishing” version includes, in place of the rear settee, the installation of an efficient stand-up position. An elegant awning is also available, complete with stainless supports and upper and lower rod holders.


Invictus' proverbial modular design is part and parcel of the 240 FX, with the possibility to change one or more elements of the boat, even years later, to shift the emphasis between the two versions, Fishing and Leisure. 




Invictus was created as a challenge: to offer to the national and international yachting market a new reference point for pleasure yachting. The symbol created for the yard was not chosen by chance: a shield with a cross represents important values: beauty, strength, protection and trust, elaborated through the experience and tradition of the Italian nautical sector. Invictus is represented by the GT (370, 280), TT(280), FX(270,240,200,190), SX(280) and the CX (240, 280) and SX (280) designed and built applying the qualities that have made Italian shipyards the most esteemed in the world for their refined aesthetics, materials, state of the art assembly, dependability, versatility and long life. Thanks to their collaboration with the famous Cristian Grande DesignWorks studios, Invictus has brought a high level of technology and design to their vessels.

These elements have allowed them to define a clear conception of a yacht: beautiful and comfortable, well equipped and completed with a maniacal attention to details, ready for any kind of use and sea condition.




Christian Grande is one of the youngest Italian designers to become part of the palmares of yacht designers. He has designed innovative vessels since 1992, courageously creating innovative yachts that will later become corner stones in nautical design. Presently Cristian has completed over 100 yacht designs and been presented with more than 16 international awards. He has also collaborated with Sacs and San Lorenzo in addition to overseeing styling and design for the entire Invictus Yacht gamma.


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