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Barche a vela / ''ICE 66 Farr is the ICE Boat you never expected''
''ICE 66 Farr is the ICE Boat you never expected''

''ICE 66 Farr is the ICE Boat you never expected''

ICE 66rs it’s a turning point for the well-known shipyard. It’s a combination between the traditional building quality, durability and usability we expect form an ICE branded boat in a modern and elegant shape. 
The contemporary design, the precious details and the clean and minimalistic look makes this boat a new icon that will set new rules in yacht market. This masterpiece comes from the experienced hand of Lucio Micheletti, the top designer  that is currently giving shape to the most luxurious boats on the market (Swan, Baltic Canova…).
Hidden manoeuvre and the four electric winchesconfigurationmakes ICE66rs aflawless example of easy sailing. The whole boat shall be controlled by one person. 
Simplicity doesn’t mean lack of performances. The hull shape and appendages profile has been studied by Farr Yacht design with an iterative procedure to guarantee the best performance achievable without scarify all the marine characteristic that made ICE Yachts Famous all over the world.
The Sail plan is derived from race boats and give lot of horse power to the hull, boasting a huge stability. The electric furled jib (110%) and the smaller stormy jib permit to sail with a full powered mainsail in most of the condition and never feels out of control.If equipped with furling boom everything became way easier. 
Standard version will be equipped with a fixed keel 3.35m deep. Keel junction will be “tenon Style” that makes the appendage one piece with the hull and the structures and reduces the possibility of lacking bolts on the bottom.  Lifting keel option is under study for people who wants to achieve the maximum performance under sail.

The construction is  made by infused hybrid carbon sandwich for the hull and full carbon for the deck . That solution, already tested by the yard, mixes the rigidity that comes from the carbon with the damper properties of the glass fibre.


The ICE 66rs is very strong and reliable


The structural study is made by Pure Design and engineering. Their experience on racing boat is the key to make all the project possible. 


The Ice shipyard is well known all over the world for the precision of their carpenters. All interiors are made by lightened wood and composite panels to keep the weights as low as possible. The experienced project manager of the yard will help the owner custumize their own interiors tailored upon their needs.



The symmetric layout of the dinette is something never seen on a boat of this segment. The open layout gives the owner more possibility of life onboard. It’s a place where you can relax, on the laydown sofa, have a dinner with friends or enjoy a nightparty with your private bar.


When night comes you’ll forget to be on a boat: all the beds are home dimensioned and you’s cabin will let you feel like to sleep in a luxury hotel.


The position of the crew cabin Is one of the key features of this boat. Close to the centre of the boat gives them the privacy they need while being always ready.



ICE 66rsis available with the 3 cabin and with the 4 cabins version and is equipped with a 195 horsepower engine that brings the boat over 11 knots when the wind is missing


Air conditioning, full size fridge and freezer, induction hob… everything needed for a comfortable cruise is included on request.


The system will be placed mostly under the raised saloon to permit an easy service and reduce the overall cost of maintenance. 




LOA: 19,90  m
LWL:   18,5  m
Bmax: 5,70  m
Displ.: 26000 Kg
Draft: 3,35 m
Mainsail: 152 mq
Jib:   124 mq
Gennaker:   454 mq




ICE Yachts Press Office

Marco Malgara

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