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Golden Globe Race has a BIG sister ! Why ?

Golden Globe Race has a BIG sister ! Why ?

The 2018 Golden Globe Race achieved everything we hoped for. It was affordable, challenging, fun and shocking with a warm family atmosphere driven from the front by the simple human aspects of the adventure.
Entrants and followers experienced something not seen in a long time. The appeal of retro production boat racing hit the spot for many. It was simple to understand. There are not a lot of shorthanded sailors in the world and of that group there are only a few that would like to sail solo around it. Many have been inspired by this GGR and interest in 2022 is strong. The future looks bright indeed. 
The Great Clipper ships inspired Sir Francis Chichester to complete a one stop circumnavigation to beat their sailing time. Then came the 1968 Golden Globe and winner Sir Robin Knox Johnston with Suhaili! which then started a conversation...
"What about a fully crewed Race around the world!"... So began the first in 1973! If you followed the GGR from the beginning, you will know I conceived of the idea back in 2014 in Tonga and the reasons why.  
It was for me! Now there is the Ocean Globe Race. You may be interested as it is going to be Retro and a bigger crewed version of the GGR. I want to share with you just this first Thoughts column from the OGR website.
It covers the WHY which may well surprise you. If you would like to follow the OGR after reading this PLEASE go to the website and sign up for that Newsletter/Press releases and they will go straight to you. It is another adventure for Jane and me. It starts about three months after the conclusion of the 2022 GGR and that is not far away..... 
Sailing like the Whitbread!
Many were surprised when we launched the 50th Anniversary edition of the original  (GGR) back in June 2015. The world had never seen anything like it. We organized it because I wanted to sail in it. There was nothing anywhere that allowed circumnavigating solo sailors to step back to the basic human challenge.
I believed there were other sailors who wanted the same. The rest is history and it was a huge success. I thought of the idea in 2014 and at that same time I knew if the GGR was a success, I would launch the Ocean Globe Race. WHY?

The Ocean Globe Race (OGR) celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the original 1973 Whitbread Race. It will set sail from Europe on Sept. 10th, 2023. Its a 27,000 odyssey around the Globe in four legs, for all sailors, in yachts of the same era. For the first time in nearly 30 years, everyday sailors can realize one of the greatest dreams of sailing!

In 1988 I organized and managed the Bicentennial Around Australia Yacht Race. The late Sir Peter Blake entered with Mike Quilter in their 60ft trimaran Steinlager 1. They won the race and we became friends. Peter mentored me on aspects of event management, communications and sponsors.
At the time he was building Steinlager II that went on to win every leg of the 1988/89 Whitbread. I was an ordinary sailor, but Peter made me believe I could mount a Whitbread campaign, offering advice and ideas. It failed, but I went on to do the Solo BOC Challenge in 1990/91.
Cover photo Two greats of the WRTWR. Cornelis Van Rietschoten (FLYER) and the Late Sir Peter Blake who sailed every Race and became a household name by winning every leg in 1989-90 on Steinlarger II. (Southampton 1982 at the Start!) (PPL Media Pic)
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