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Build your own MINI, race around the world or the bay!

Build your own MINI, race around the world or the bay!

McIntyre Adventure, organizer of the Solo 2018 and the fully crewed 2023, will soon announce plans to establish an exciting new International One Design Class of plywood, Mini 5.80-meter yachts.


Aimed at home builders and adventurous racing sailors, a solo 5.80 Transatlantic race is planned for 2021 and a Mini Globe Race is scheduled for 2024. 


The Mini 5.80 is for all sailors, young and old, who have a dream to sail Oceans in small, fun, affordable and proven safe, ocean-going yachts. Construction plans cost just Euro $300 and the fun comes for FREE! Simple Plywood construction means anyone can build this Mini in a few months. If you do not want to build, your local shipwright can do it for you. It all fits inside a 20ft container for shipping to, or from international events. The mast has a sleeve to allow two-piece shipping and removing keel and rudder is simple. It can be taken home on a trailer, by an ordinary family car.


The Official announcement and launch of the ClassMini 5.80 will take place at the HISWA Amsterdam Boat show on Saturday 14th March on center stage 1.30pm. Full details will be released then and the official website will go live. Hull No. 01 for Don McIntyre is currently under construction in Poland. It is due to be sailing late JUNE. McIntyre will sail this yacht in the first Solo 5.80 Transat, setting out from Portugal in NOV. 2021. It will then be used to sponsor other young sailors.


The idea for this new simple Mini 5.80 started to form in 2010 when McIntyre was sailing a 25ft Open timber Whale boat, 4000 miles across the Pacific, from TONGA to KUPANG - West Timor in the wake of William Bligh and his men, following the Mutiny on the HMS Bounty.


Talisker Bounty Boat Expedition 2010, 4000 miles across the Pacific with no charts, no toilet paper, only two weeks water and very little food in the wake of William Bligh following the Mutiny on the Bounty.


“I love small boats for their simplicity and pure adventure and building this 5.80 with sustainable plantation plywood is about as low impact as you can get.” Said Don McIntyre, organizer of the new ClassMini 5.80 “ I have no idea if sailors will get excited about this new development, but I certainly am. We hope to see boats building all over the world and if that happens, we will support National Associations and local races. It’s not foiling, nor carbon and we’re ok with that! “


Photo@ 3 x 100 sailing picture


This One Design ClassMini 5.80 can be anything a sailor wants it to be, starting with AFFORDABLE FUN in Capital letters, right through to great racing, serious Adventure and human challenge. How far do you want to go?

Something SMALL for big dreams is happening March 14!! At HISWA….


Class Mini 580 Press


Cover photo Don McIntyre, Founder of the ClassMini 5.80

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