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Benetti sponsors New Zealand Millennium Cup

Benetti sponsors New Zealand Millennium Cup

Benetti APAC supports activities in the region that have an active mission for ocean conservation and sustainability.


Earlier this month Benetti was a proud sponsor of the world’s most southerly superyacht regatta, NZ Millennium Cup, a must-do race for yacht owners looking to experience the 144 islets of Northland’s Bay of Islands while also supporting ocean sustainability projects. 


Photo credit: Breed Media courtesy NZ Millennium Cup

This year New Zealand’s only superyacht regatta joined forces with Live Ocean; the charitable trust founded by Peter Burling and Blair Tuke with a focus on ocean conservation. Donations made from New Zealand Millennium Cup participants created a collective effort, with 100 percent of donations to Live Ocean projects.

Live Ocean aims to support and invest in promising marine science, innovation, technology and marine conservation projects and right now is raising funds to help save the Antipodean albatross, which could be gone in as little as 20 years. New Zealand is the seabird capital of the world, but shockingly 90 per cent of species are threatened with, or at risk of, extinction.


Photo credit: Breed Media courtesy NZ Millennium Cup


As an industry leader, Benetti has been dedicated to promoting sustainability activities throughout the years while staying true to high quality standard craftsmanship and performance.
“Aside from being the first shipyard in the world to deliver a diesel electric superyacht (Ambrosia), more recently, we have carried out projects that include a pioneering hybrid propulsion system (FB272 giga yacht) and yachts with SISHIP EcoProp by Siemens propulsion (B.Yond),” says  Peter Mahony, General Manager at Benetti Yachts Asia. Benetti is also a long-time supporter of the Water Revolution foundation and the Blue Marine Foundation, both of which aim to protect the ocean. He continues, “As the exclusive motor yacht sponsor of the 2020 NZ Millennium cup, we are extremely proud to be a part of this year’s regatta and their mission of ocean conservation.”


Benetti B.Yond 37M


The NZ Millennium Cup is in its 12th edition this year, and was first raced as an adjunct to the 30th America’s Cup in Auckland. Now, with the 36th America’s Cup approaching, organisers have been excited to see an increase of interest both in the regatta and in New Zealand’s wider cruising grounds.


It’ll be raced from the 29th January to the 1 February with the largest yacht taking part this year measuring 54.6 metres.


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Cover - Photo credit: Breed Media courtesy NZ Millennium Cup

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