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News / Vendée Globe - Clement Giraud 'I am trying to catch Miranda'
Vendée Globe - Clement Giraud 'I am trying to catch Miranda'

Vendée Globe - Clement Giraud 'I am trying to catch Miranda'

19 January 2021 - 09:46

Clément Giraud saw Cape Horn up close, but this diverted him somewhat from the optimal route and the solo sailor found himself stuck in the centre of a depression:


"There's quite a lot of current around here! Between Cape Horn and the Falklands, I got stuck in the centre of a depression. And then I saw a big fishing boat, and I was able to chat in English with the captain, it was very nice. Back to civilization."

We're really very lucky, we sailors of the Vendée Globe, because we haven't talked about money for three months! The word "euro" has been erased from our vocabulary... Here, it's "happy", which is the most used word...

I wanted to approach Cape Horn, but I don't have the tools to see what will happen: and I fell into some calm conditions. This allowed me to clean the boat and I'm trying to get my boat moving again. My goal is to reach Les Sables d'Olonne, but if I can overtake Miranda (Merron), I will!


Cape Horn is a barrier: you can see that it definitely  the storms! I had to learn how to ride it out and lay low in the Southern Seas... And then you leave, and you're transformed.


I repaired my gennaker but the light fabric is really damaged. I'll have to take out my big gennaker that I didn't want to use in the South. My rudders are cracking a bit more, but it looks OK. It's not very hot yet, I've never complained about the cold and yet I can feel the cold air when I'm in my bunk!”


Cover photo © Clement Giraud / Compagnie du Lit - Jilit

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