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The Bahamas is ready for the season!

The Bahamas is ready for the season!

Update on the region after the passage of the Hurricane Dorian

Monaco - Sept 12, 2019 – Despite the intense press coverage of hurricane Dorian, tourists are being advised that much of the Bahamas has been entirely unaffected and is still very much open for business. The first major hurricane of the season, Dorian has hit the two most northerly islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama, but the most popular cruising areas around the central and southern Bahamas were by no means affected by the Hurricane.

This will come as good news for yachting captains, many of whom will have feared the storm's impact on cruising areas. Now island officials are saying that the cruising industry has never been so vital to the local economy, as they help the two northern islands get back to normal. With the majority of the Bahamas unaffected by Dorian, BWA Yachting is encouraging people not to abandon their plans for a visit.

Obiama Knowles, manager of BWA Yachting Bahamas, wants to spread the word that yachts and superyachts are welcome, as we enter the peak of the cruising year. Mr Knowles said: “Don’t change your winter cruising plans because of the press coverage of hurricane Dorian. Only a very small area of the Bahamas has actually been hit by the storm and the rest of the region is very much open for business. Islanders are keen to offer their usual warm welcome to guests. As we help the two affected northern islands get back on their feet, yachting captains can rely on us as one of the most trusted firms in the region."

BWA Yachting, the leading international superyacht service provider, retains that it is still the ideal time to visit the Bahamas, whether you are staying on one of the islands or were planning to enjoy a relaxing cruise – holiday plans are not in danger. The company has still been taking record bookings despite the storm as Nassau continues to be accessible.

Hurricane Dorian made landfall on the two northern islands on the 1st September, then made its way up the east coast of the United States. While the damage to these two islands was extensive, Yacht Aid Global, the Red Cross, the Red Crescent and many other organisations are working to distribute supplies and set up shelters for those affected. The government-led cleanup operation has already begun. To help the islands recover, donate HERE


Francesca Fenucci
Head of Communications & Marketing  



BWA Yachting is a worldwide yachting services provider that exists to help captains, crew and managers with the increasing demands of managing a modern superyacht.
Our global offices stretch throughout the Mediterranean, Caribbean and the Americas, providing a unique and seamless experience, wherever our clients are cruising.
The broad range of marine and hospitality services we offer extends from fully integrated global packages, the handling of a single port call, to last minute specialist concierge requests. We also provide advance itinerary planning and implementation of every aspect of a yacht's trip.
Our global offices provide innovative, joined-up services that simplify lives onboard yachts. We’re always there for crew and guests with the best of our local knowledge, worldwide insight and advice.

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