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News / SITraN Challenge finished, Golden Globe Race Ready to go! Villag...
SITraN Challenge finished, Golden Globe Race Ready to go!  Village opens in Les Sables d’Olonne Saturday 20th

SITraN Challenge finished, Golden Globe Race Ready to go! Village opens in Les Sables d’Olonne Saturday 20th

With the finish of the SITraN Challenge from Gijon to Le Sables D’Olonne, the GGR Fleet is assembled for the first time on the Golden Globe Race dock, gearing up for the village opening in three days.

  •  Damien Guillou sets the pace for the GGR, winning the SITraN Challenge!
  •  Graham Dalton back in the race, now counting 17 confirmed starters.

Abhilash Tomy racing to make repairs and the start, following a collision.


Dateline: Les Sables d'Olonne, Thursday, 18th of August 2022


Damien Guillou (FR) on his Rustler 36 PRB was the first to cross the finish line in the dark at 0630 local time, having sailed solo from Gijon, mostly under spinnaker. The race was “pretty full-on” Damien said on arrival, as he had to contain the attacks ofSimon and Nikki Curwen (UK) who also flew spinnakers on the Biscay 36 Clara, for a long beam reach from the Asturian coastline, arriving just 53 minutes behind PRB.  One hour later, South African sailorKirsten Neuschäfer on her Cape George 36 Minnehaha arrived 3rd on the finish line, having reached under working jib and staysail only in what she considered fast cruising! All three have staked a claim on the ultimate prize of winning the GGR!




Damien Guillou (FR) with his Rustler 36 “PRB” crossing the finish line of the SITraN Challenge at 4:30 UTC, 18 of August 2022, Les Sable d’olonne. Picture Credit: Aïda Valceanu


There were a lot of conversations on arrival, as sailors tested boat speed and sail combinations with reefs, foresails, and spinnakers on a long, tight reach with winds gusting in the high 20’s on day two and asking themselves if sailing “all-in” like in a Figaro or a Mini 6.50 was worth the gain after the boats reached hull speed.


Most agreed the reward of sailing fully canvassed was probably not worth the risk on a long-distance race like the GGR, and that the most competitive of them had to work to pace themselves!






The race was “pretty full-on” Damien Guillou (FR) said on arrival.

Picture Credit: GGR2022 / Nora Havel 


“The results of the SITraN Challenge and the comparable speeds these boats have is really interesting. It is clear that the Rustler 36’s are in for a tough competition with a variety of boats like the Biscay 36, Cape George 36, Gaïa 36 and Saga 36.


Said Don McIntyre, the Race Founder and President,“Also that different types of skippers from full-on racers to more conservative long-distance navigators can achieve similar results, levelling the playing field for all participants. Watch this space!”



Kirsten Neuschäfer was sailing in fast cruising mode arrived 3rd of GGR2022 SITraN Challenge.

Picture Credit: GGR2022 / Nora Havel

GGR Veteran Abhilash Tomy (IN) on his Rustler 36 Bayanat was doing well and in the lead with Damien Guillou, before a collision with a bulk carrier in the morning of the second day.  Abhilash was below deck with his manager on watch at the time. There were no injuries and the ship stood by for two hours while the crew checked the yacht then resumed sailing.


The yacht's bow needs serious composite work before the race starts on Sept. 4th just three weeks away. Abhilash has taken the mast off for a complete rig check, and has a team coming from Belgium led by Dutch designer and builder Dick Koopmans bringing a full Rustler bow with them. Bayanat will be back in the water and functional on August 29.




Bayanat’s bow suffered damage in the collision and needs extensive composite work.

Picture Credit: GGR / Nora Havel


Other skippers are in Les Sables d’Olonne meeting with the fleet for the first time, with Graham Dalton (NZ)  back from his 2,000 nm GGR qualification. He has submitted a new application to re-join having previously resigned, which was accepted by the organisers, and the fleet now has 17 official entrants.


Aleix Selles from Spain has successfully completed his 4000 nm solo sailing experience. He is trying to re-join the GGR but is now facing delays with the delivery of his new GGR mast and rigging in La Rochelle.




Coconut, joining the fleet moored down the Golden Globe Race Village nearing completion

for August 20th opening.Picture Credit: GGR2022/ Nora Havel

Elliott Smith (US) has completed his World Sailing Survival course in the UK and is currently in Palma de Mallorca, Spain completing his STCW Medical Proficiency course.


He will be returning to Les Sables next Friday, meeting the other skippers for the first time. He has missed compulsory GGR briefings so will face some penalties but is now sure to start in the GGR!




Golden Globe Race 2022 Village under construction in Les Sables d’Olonne,

will open on Saturday 20th August, 2022. Picture Credit: GGR2022


All skippers and their teams are now gathered in the same place, down the 7000 sqm Race Village managed by Les Sables d’Olonne nearing completion for the grand opening on Saturday at 10:30.


The skipper’s presentation takes place on the centre stage at 16:00 and two weeks of exciting exhibitions, animations and activities are about to start!


2022 GGR entrants to date:

1. Abhilash Tomy (43)  / India / Rustler 36
2. Arnaud Gaist (50) /  France / BARBICAN 33 MKII  (long keel version)
3. Damien Guillou (39) /  France / Rustler 36
4. Edward Walentynowicz (68) / Canada / Rustler 36
5. Elliott Smith (27) / USA /  Gale Force 34
6. Ertan Beskardes (60)   / UK /  Rustler 36
7. Guy deBoer (66)  / USA /  Tashiba 36
8. Guy Waites (54)  / UK / Tradewind 35
9. Graham Dalton (68) / NZ/ Rustler 36
10. Ian Herbert Jones (52) / UK / Tradewind 35
11. Jeremy Bagshaw (59) / South Africa / OE32   
12. Kirsten Neuschäfer (39) / South Africa / Cape George 36  
13. Mark Sinclair (63) / Australia / Lello 34
14. Michael Guggenberger (44) /  Austria  / Biscay 36  
15. Pat Lawless (66) / Ireland / Saga 36
16. Simon Curwen (63) / UK /  Biscay 36  
17. Tapio Lehtinen (64) / Finland / Gaia 36 Masthead sloop


About the 2022 Golden Globe Race

On September 4th, this year, the third edition of the Golden Globe Race will start from Les Sables d'Olonne, France. All Sailors in the race will face eight months of isolation sailing 30,000 miles across five oceans solo non-stop and unassisted. The Golden Globe Race was the original round the world yacht race. In 1968, while man was preparing to take his first steps on the moon, a mild mannered and modest young man was setting out on his own record breaking voyage of discovery. He had entered the original Golden Globe.  Nine men started that first solo non-stop sailing race around the World. Only one finished. He was 29year old Sir Robin Knox Johnston. History was made. Navigating only with a sextant, paper charts and an accurate and reliable time piece, Sir Robin navigated around the world. 

In 2018, to celebrate 50 years since that first record breaking achievement, the Golden Globe Race was resurrected. It instantly caught the attention of the world's media as well as adventures, captivated by the spirit and opportunity. Millions followed it. 18 started and only five finished. The original race was back. Once again they used only sextants, paper charts, wind up clocks and cassette tapes for music. The GGR is the longest, loneliest, most daring challenge for any individual in any sport. It is an extreme adventure full of human stories on a journey that takes longer than flying to Mars!


Cpover photo: Yannick Moreau, mayor of Le Sables D’Olonne (L) and Don McIntyre (R), welcome Nikki Curwen, Damien Guillou and Simon Curwen in the early hours of the morning. Picture Credit: GGR2022

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