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News / SEA + I Magazine: the most exciting yachting content is back!
SEA + I Magazine: the most exciting yachting content is back!

SEA + I Magazine: the most exciting yachting content is back!

by Paolo Casani

With the long-standing yachting traditions of Camper and Nicholsons being kept front of mind, in this issue of SEA+I, we look to the future as we recover from the global pandemic with our message remaining one of optimism.

A challenge like this gives us all space for introspection and self-analysis. This is true for individuals as much as for our own brand. It’s an opportunity for us to reconnect with our clients and delve deeper into what we have to offer. An opportunity to refresh our Modus operandi and further establish ourselves as the go-to for clients seeking luxuriously unique yachting experiences.

Throughout this period, our attention has been purely dedicated to developing and enhancing your digital experience with innovative solutions such as YARS - our brand-new proprietary Yacht Accounting and Reporting Software. Along with a compelling webinar series delving deep into the yachting industry and its future.


Therefore, as we recover from the global pandemic, we wanted to inspire you with our latest edition of SEA+I in digital format focusing primarily on our Charter offerings.


In this issue we focus on the exciting destinations that will appeal to our more adventurous charterers and those with a new found post-lockdown desire for conservation. As you peruse the yachts, places and experiences, consider joining an elite band who will circumnavigate the globe from November 2021 when they take part in the World Yacht Rally. Contemplate setting your course for the “new Riviera” and sail through the newly accessible 7,000 islands of the Japanese Archipelago. While timings are subject to change, the experiences on board a Camper & Nicholsons yacht - from wellness to culinary excellence - remain as alluring as ever. As this issue proves. We are dedicated to making your dreams of escapism a reality, through our plethora of charter options. Rest assured that we have already started on the SEA+I brokerage issue, which will include financial features, new build articles, exclusive brokerage news and will be available this Fall.


As always, our outlook remains optimistic for the future. We will use any further challenges as a foundation to further strengthen our position as industry leader.


Our teams are fully back to work and are available on call to discuss any yacht you may be interested in, or any destination you may wish to visit. For the full immersive experience, please check our new website.


We hope you and your families remain safe and well.

Paolo Casani
Chief Executive Officer




Camper & Nicholsons International

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