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News / Riviera welcomes record number of apprentices in 2021
Riviera welcomes record number of apprentices in 2021

Riviera welcomes record number of apprentices in 2021

Riviera has welcomed a record intake of new apprentices for a second consecutive year as the company heads into 2021 with the largest future orders in the company’s 41 years of operation.


A total of 41 new apprentices joined the Riviera team at the company’s Gold Coast boatbuilding facility this week following an extensive recruitment program during the year. Riviera welcomed 33 new apprentices this time last year.


The latest intake has increased apprentices working with the 600-strong team to 89.


Riviera’s Safety and Training Manager, Adam Houlahan, said more apprentices were being recruited to meet continued growth.


“The apprentice program at Riviera is an important part of our commitment to developing the master craftsmen and women of the future,” said Mr Houlahan.


“Each of our apprentices receives intensive training to create world-class luxury motor yachts.”


The benefits of a record apprentice recruitment over consecutive years will be felt in years to come for Riviera once the carefully selected recruits have achieved certified qualifications in their respective trades.


Riviera has an outstanding retention rate in its apprenticeship program, adding to the extensive skills of the team in all areas of boatbuilding.


More than 300 apprentices have now graduated from the Riviera program since its inception almost 30 years ago and many are still part of the company’s team of qualified and highly awarded craftspeople.


“Developing skills for the future plays an important role in not only Riviera’s manufacturing growth, but more broadly in the future of the Australian-based marine industry,” said Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst.


“We have a proud history of training and enhancing the skills of our team and that has allowed us to create luxury motor yachts that are recognised the world over for their quality, luxury and engineering excellence.”


Many of the new apprentices for 2021 have been selected through Riviera’s ongoing relationship with schools across the south-east Queensland and northern NSW region.


“Last year, we expanded this area to include more schools, giving graduates an opportunity to consider a rewarding career in the marine industry,” said Mr Houlahan.


In conjunction with their skills training, all Riviera apprentices are required to undertake the Propel program introduced by the company to enhance their development.


Through Propel, apprentices are taught skills in leadership, communications, relationships and personal finance under the guidance of senior management, including Mr Longhurst and Riviera CEO Wes Moxey.


Riviera has entered 2021 with the largest future orders in the company’s history for luxury motor yachts spanning 21 models across Riviera’s SUV, Open Flybridge, Enclosed Flybridge, Sport Yacht and Sports Motor Yacht collections.


Riviera exports more than 55 per cent of the motor yachts it builds though an extensive network of representatives in The Americas, Europe and Australasia.


Riviera apprentice enquiries or applications may be directed to Keira Shanks, Safety and Training coordinator, Riviera Australia on 07 5502 555.




Riviera Australia Press Office




Riviera’s 16.8-hectare Gold Coast boatbuilding facility is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

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