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ClassGlobe 5.80 Mini in 23 countries !

ClassGlobe 5.80 Mini in 23 countries !

Growing interest in 2021 Solo Globe 5.80 Transat Race

-  Huge global interest in “build it yourself” Mini Ocean Racer.

-  80 Globe 5.80 Sailors preparing to build.


-  French and Australian women 5.80 sailors headed for 2024 Mini Globe Race 

-  Growing interest in 2021 Solo Globe 5.80 Transat Race.

-  Globe 5.80 Plywood CNC kit suppliers established in 15 countries


The Class Globe 5.80 One Design Ocean Racing yacht is creating waves with sailors around the world. Less than four months after it’s official launch, over 80 sailors are setting up to build in 23 countries.


Conceived by Australian adventurer and founder of the 2018 Golden Globe Race as an affordable "People's Mini" for amateur construction, this solo ocean and offshore racing yacht is suddenly very popular. International fleets are expected to appear over the next few years. The yacht's ability to ship inside a 20ft container is creating real interest and new opportunities travelling to Europe for the 2021 Globe 5.80 Transat and Mini Globe Race. 



At a time when some sailors question the Race to Technology and money winning races, a whole segment of sailors previously left behind in the rush to speed and winning at any cost, are now embracing the benefits of a simpler more sustainable challenge. The idea of an affordable wholesome, back to basics, non-foiling and safe Mini yacht, able to sail anywhere has great appeal. Being easy to build, own and maintain, then offering fun yet serious one design sailing, seems to have hit the spot.
“The excitement and passion for the 5.80 across all levels of sailing is a pleasant surprise. I thought it would take a year to see 100 sailors building, but it is happening in Months!” said Don McIntyre, Globe 5.80 Class founder, “Adventurous solo sailors are excited, but there are plenty of club racers who see this as an opportunity for some fun.”  



32-year-old French sailor Mathilde Lozachmeur has her sights firmly set on the solo 30,000-mile 2024 Mini Globe Race. Inspired byÉric Tabarly who lived near her home in Brittany, and Bernard Moitessier, for his madness and his do-it-yourselfer fashion, she has taken two years off work to build her Globe 5.80. She will use a CNC cut kit to build her yacht, then train towards competing in the Historic first ever Solo Globe 5.80 Transat, departing Portugal in NOVEMBER 2021, racing 3600 miles toward the Caribbean. 




Mathilde Lozachmeur currently owns a 5.7mtr offshore yacht she refitted herself and will use that for training while building her Globe 5.80.  


"I have this in my blood, I feel it and I have a year and a half to improve myself, because I will devote my life to this project! I'll be 33 in November 2021, for the Globe 5.80 Transat Race, and my boat was given race number 33! It is a sign.”  Said Mathilde This is to realize a dream, of adventure, of escape and of surpassing oneself. Many people take these little boats for toys, but they have all big ones. You have to take this Mini seriously. Being rather manual, I find the idea of ​​having to build your boat too exciting. I never imagined going into boat building, but I like the idea so much. Take on a personal challenge and learn from this adventure, especially now that I have decided to make it a profession!”


The Solo Globe 5.80 Transat is the first major event in a growing calendar for the 5.80 Class. Host Port partners are expected to be announced in the next few months and already there are 13 expressions of interest from around the world. 



The Solo Globe 5.80 Transat Course: Southern Portugal to Madeira or Lanzarote, approx. 600miles, then Martinique or Antigua, approx. 3000miles.


34-Year-old sailor Alenka Caserman from Brisbane is the only woman among six experienced Australian sailors building Globe 5.80’s, all focused on the 2024 Mini Globe Race.


"I’ve always been driven to immerse myself into experiences and seek adventures, so the idea of being hands-on, building a small offshore capable boat and racing competitively against other likeminded people seems like the perfect thing.”  Said Alenka  “I’m just an average person yet this is within my means, it feels challenging, but absolutely doable. The main reason I decided to jump in and build a 5.80 is to fulfill my dream to participate in the next Solo Trans-Tasman Challenge in 2022. The 2024 Mini Globe Race is my next big challenge!” 



Australian/Slovenian Alenka Caserman has been offshore sailing for two years and plans a solid workup program in the years leading up to the Mini Globe Race in 2024.


This unique concept is simple. Buy building plans (Euro$300) hand tools, plywood, glass and epoxy, then clear out the garage and start building your Globe 5.80 dreams. All on a budget of 5-600hour labor and Euro $16-35,000 depending on where you want to go!

The 5.80 CNC cut timber kits (Boat in a BOX) are proving popular with agents appointed to 15 countries with  more to follow. A Plastimo Builders Pack with most hardware to complete a 5.80 is available and One Design mast packages are ready from Sparcraft and Selden, or you can build your own.



10 Sailmakers are currently under review to select an Exclusive One Design Sail Supplier to the 5.80 Class for the next five years. This will deliver identical high-quality racing sails at a realistic price to all sailors through economies of scale. It also caps cost, leveling the playing field ensuring even competition, whether sponsored or unsponsored. A final decision is expected end of JULY.  



95 second introduction to the new Class Globe 5.80 Kit which includes a 60 minute instruction video. Designed by Polish sailor Janusz Maderski, strength and safety is a priority along with simple easy construction... 


Full details on the ClassGlobe 5.80 , 5.80 Globe Transat,  2024 Mini Globe Race and building support is available at 


ClassGlobe 5.80 Press Office

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