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Motori marini / ZF expands its Hybrid Portfolio of Maritime Transmissions
ZF expands its Hybrid Portfolio of Maritime Transmissions

ZF expands its Hybrid Portfolio of Maritime Transmissions

More "E" for the Sea: Targeted Expansion of Hybrid Portfolio for ZF's Maritime Transmissions

  • ZF offers overall solutions for additional electric power from 150 to 750 kW
  • Complete hybrid driveline from a single source
  • Propulsion systems made by ZF enable pollutant-free operation, boost mode, and energy recovery

Friedrichshafen/Hamburg. In addition to expanding the hybrid transmission portfolio, the driveline specialist ZF now supplements its existing scope of supply with electric motors, power electronics and controls. Their new parallel hybrid systems enable the additional installation of electric drives with power levels between 150 and 750 kW. As a result, the market can obtain the complete driveline from a single source. 


Due to stricter environmental regulations, operators with conventionally operated ships will face harsher emissions restrictions in more and more ports worldwide. ZF supports port operators as well as shipbuilders and has further advanced its hybrid portfolio.


"Hybrid systems have been used for marine drives for a while now. However, many shipyards wish to draw on compact complete systems from a single source. ZF accommodates this wish. We provide standardized overall solutions," says Wolfram Frei, Head of Sales of Commercial and Fast Craft. 


This means that customers can benefit from the professional expertise of ZF Marine and rely on hybrid drive systems, whose components are already perfectly harmonized with each other before leaving the factory. This ensures that ZF's maritime drive solutions perform optimally in every application without any additional integration effort. 


A hybrid solution for each type of ship 

ZF presents its entire portfolio of these propulsion solutions at the SMM Digital 2021. The offerings now include several electric motors, covering a range from 150 to 750 kW. Many types of ships can now benefit from ZF’s considerable expertise on sustainable propulsion systems, including yachts, tugboats, patrol boats, passenger vessels or ferries.


Lower emissions, higher performance

The advantages of hybrid maritime drives are obvious: no fuel is consumed during electric operation. This leads to zero local emissions and minimal noise. Compared to the marine diesel, this not only saves money, but also protects the environment. It also allows maneuvering in regions that do not allow vessels with combustion engines to pass. At the same time, the operating hours of the diesel engine are reduced, which decreases maintenance costs.


Another benefit is that electric motors enable an additional boost function, which increases the maximum input power of the driveline. This feature can be particularly critical when sudden evasive maneuvers are required, as in coast guard patrol vessels, or when tugging heavy cargo.


Quality and service – guaranteed worldwide

Whether a conventional or hybrid solution is used, ship owners and operators can rely on an extended life cycle and reduced maintenance costs with propulsion solutions from ZF. When maintenance or service is required, only one person needs to be contacted, which saves time and simplifies processing.




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