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Technohull SV909 double duty as stylish tender and high performance RIB

Technohull SV909 double duty as stylish tender and high performance RIB

- This sporty 9 meter does double duty as a high level tender and a performance RIB


- The super ventilating hull shape reduces water resistance and assures a soft ride and low fuel consumption


- Two 200hp outboards give it a top speed of 72 mph(*)




Versatility, performance and ever so close attention paid to detailing and materials.


These are the concepts at the basis of all the RIBs produced by the Greek Technohull shipyard and all are perfectly integrated in their SV909, a model with multiple souls, ideal not only as a chase boat, thanks to its hull, that guarantees a smooth passage on the waves and a comfortable navigation for all guests, but also in providing exciting high level performance.

These concepts are part of the DNA of the Greek yard from Alimos, one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Athens. Same concepts have driven - since the birth of the yard in 2005 – the production of a series of models extremely versatile - ideal both as luxury tenders for large yachts or for elegant medium range cruising.


The infusion built hull, made of epoxy resins and multi-directional fibers, ensures a solid platform for the standard ORCA Penel Flippo 1670 tubes.


All phases of construction take place in-house, within the yard’s premises and are performed by highly specialized technicians following rigid international standards.




Without a doubt one of the Technohull SV909’s key facts is its super ventilating hull form that assures a soft ride even at high speeds and reduced fuel consumption. This shape works by allowing air to pass below the three step hull, so when it begins to plane the air creates a cushion that reduces water resistance, optimizing the RIB’s performance and reducing fuel consumption. The deep-V shape also gives it a precise smooth ride through the waves even at slow speeds, coupled with excellent maneuverability.


Length overall is 9.05 meters, and the beam is 3 meters. The RIB displaces 1,750 kg and offers a layout that emphasizes simplicity and ergonomics. The forward part features a sun bed that continues aft along the tubes. Amidships is the ergonomic console with a full compliment of instruments, and includes the possibility to mount a Smart Central Consol Touchscreen and a sporting T-Top. The pilot and a guest have two wrap-around shock-absorbing seats, ideal for a RIB that can reach speeds over 70 mph*.


The aft layout can be altered based on the motorization options: the Technohull SV909 outboard version includes a classic full-beam settee, that converts into a sun-bed over the engine room with the inboard engine option. With two lateral stern platforms it’s easy to go for a swim and climb back aboard – many custom options are always available.


The propulsion options let the owner give in to his every whim. In the outboard versions there are eight available options (1x400hp, 1x350hp, 1x300hp, 2X300hp, 2x250hp, 2x200hp, 2x150hp, 2x115). The inboard version offers either one engine (220 or 370hp) or twin engines (2x170hp).


(*) Top speed indications are based on our factory testing program. Boat speed may vary depending on weight, fuel load, water conditions, wind, engine package, engine tuning, propellers, number of passengers and numerous other factors beyond our control.




Performance and high efficiency make this the ideal RIB for those who want to take the weekend off and not worry about the distance to cover, primarily thanks to their ability to take on the most difficult weather and sea states in complete safety and comfort even with a numerous crew. Some examples? With the twin 200hp outboard option, it will only take two hours to cross from Athens to Mykonos Island, less than the time it often takes us just to get to the sea for a weekend. In the same two hours you can go from the Italian Argentario Peninsula to Porto Cervo in Sardinia, in the heart of the Costa Smeralda.



Length overall:




Fuel capacity: 

Water capacity:

Outboard engines: 

Inboard engines:

9,05 m

3,00 m

Deep V 3 vented steps

1.750 kg

450 l

100 l

400hp, 350hp, 300hp, 2X300, 
2x250hp, 2x200hp, 2x150hp, 2x115hp

220hp, 370hp, 2x170hp 



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