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Limousine Tenders for a new generation

Limousine Tenders for a new generation

Onda Tenders’ revolutionary vision for limousines gives them a wealth of new potential on the water with speed, style and space in abundance.


When we think of the conventional limousine tender, most of us bring to mind a classic watercraft, perhaps styled after the popular Venetian water taxi design. These tenders are stately and elegant but they do not necessarily reflect the needs or desires of a younger generation of yacht owners who are looking for something fresh, fast, flexible and – most importantly – fun.


Cue Onda and its distinctly contemporary take on the luxurious yet practical limousine tender, with a growing fleet of custom-designed vessels for superyacht and resort clients that are testament to the benefits of this evolved outlook.



“We have always aimed to expand the possibilities for the limousine tender market,”comments George Riginos, Onda Tenders CEO. “Luxury finishes and exceptional craftsmanship are to be expected on a vessel of this caliber but that shouldn’t be at the expense of speed, flexibility and practicality. Onda Tenders strives to build limousines that can offer them all to a new generation of discerning clients.”




Traditional limousine tenders are customarily used to transfer guests to and from a mothership at anchor in a self-contained and protected environment. Guests are kept away from the elements, so they can emerge without a windswept or wet look. The interiors of limousine tenders are usually beautifully finished in fine leather and woods, perhaps with a sound system and onboard fridge for refreshments. But with such a singular purpose, limousine tenders are often used by only the largest of superyachts with vast tender garages full of other, more sporty watercraft to be employed for other activities. They are generally less robust than other kinds of tenders, weigh considerably more and can be cumbersome to launch and retrieve from the mothership.



The concept behind Onda’s offering is that you should be able to get more out of your limousine, and that it can be used to enjoy spending time on and around the water for longer periods. By focusing on flexibility, practicality and robustness, Onda has made limousine tenders accessible to smaller superyachts that might have space for only a couple of tenders onboard.


Think sun pads for lounging at anchor, swim platforms for convenient direct access to the water, and ample open deck space to enjoy the alfresco feeling of a dayboat alongside the comfort of a climate-controlled, luxury interior. And because every project is custom-built, the possibilities are limitless.





Modern lines and a sleek, cool style are an essential part of the Onda Tenders DNA. The company prides itself on offering a contemporary take on luxury tenders while upholding the exacting standards you would expect on vessel of this quality. Onda provides a fully bespoke service to tailor its tenders to each client, whether that is matching exterior profiles to motherships or accommodating specialist requests for interior finishing and features.


Onda’s 9.75m 321L limousine tender offers protected seating for up to 10 passengers alongside such options as retractable skylights extending the full length of a cabin, high-tech audiovisual systems, refrigerators and espresso machines, and front or rear navigation consoles for guest privacy in the cabin.





Limousine tenders tend to favor stability and comfort over speed, however Onda has created a solution to maximize all these traits thanks to excellent naval architecture, advanced production methods and powerful propulsion solutions.


One of its latest 321L limousine tenders achieved a top speed of 42 knots during its sea trials, thanks to its innovative double-step, deep-V hull and lightweight yet powerful propulsion system. The limousine’s pace is also down to Onda’s ultra-light lamination technique, which uses an innovative combination of composite materials including carbon vinyl ester. And comfort onboard is assured thanks to extensive insulation that minimizes noise and vibration experienced by the passengers.


Onda is currently exploring advanced and sustainable propulsion packages that could be used onboard its tenders, which will continue to provide excellent performance while also reducing operational impact on the environment. These solutions also allow Onda to build limousine tenders in a smaller size range than is usually seen, with a current vessel of 8m currently under construction. Onda is truly making limousine tenders accessible to a wider range of yachts and clients than ever before.


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Photo credit Jeff Brown

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