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Gommoni, Tender e Gozzi / Onda Tenders new 331 Gran Turismo debuting at next CYF and MYS
Onda Tenders new 331 Gran Turismo debuting at next CYF and MYS

Onda Tenders new 331 Gran Turismo debuting at next CYF and MYS

- Onda Tenders launches the first of its highly anticipated 10-metre open tenders

- To debut in Cannes and Monaco shows 2019


Onda Tenders has launched the first unit of its latest head-turning superyacht tender models, the fast and comfortable 331 Gran Turismo (331GT). This 10-metre open tender has a fully customizable modular design to allow owners to create their ideal boat, offering a wide range of practical features rarely available on yacht tenders.


Through Onda’s trademark smart design approach – combining engineering expertise and extraordinary seaworthiness with state-of-the-art composite hulls and excellent craftsmanship – the resulting tender can achieve high speeds without compromise to comfort or safety. The 331GT follows in the footsteps of Onda’s limousine tender, which was also designed by the award-winning luminaries at Scandinavia-based Mannerfelt Design Team.


“We are proud of what has been achieved with the 331GT, through extensive in-house research and development from our engineering team as well as the work we have done with Ocke and Ted Mannerfelt,” commented George Riginos, Onda CEO. “In recent years, we have witnessed a growing demand for custom open and limousine tenders, but with few options from which to choose. Thanks to over 40 years’ experience helping hundreds of clients with their boat searches at our sister company Riginos Yachts, we are in a uniquely strong position to build what the market wants and needs. We have combined our accumulated knowledge with that of the award-winning design team, resulting in an exceptional 10-metre open tender.”



The 331GT repeats the successful collaboration between the Greek yacht builder and the celebrated Mannerfelt Design Team, which has brought its extensive experience in the offshore racing world to the luxury leisure yacht market for the first time with Onda.

With its two-step, deep-V hull and smaller, lighter engines, fuel consumption is reduced while the performance, range and potential for speed are uncompromised.

Complementing the efficient design, light weight construction keeps the 331GT hull light while the vinyl ester and foam core composite technology delivers a more robust seakeeping ability than carbon fiber alternatives. As a result, top speeds of up to 60 knots are achievable on the 331GT with just a pair of 250HP outboards



At the heart of the 331GT’s deck design is an appreciation for life on the water and what that involves. With over four decades of experience helping clients to find their ideal boat or tender, George Riginos and his father Peter are in an ideal position at the helm of Onda, with a mission to build boats that deliver all the elements superyacht owners or crew could need. Coupled with Ted Mannerfelt’s background in automotive design, and his company’s acclaim for creating boats that win world championship offshore racing titles, the result is an extremely stylish open tender that has an abundance of practical features.

With a beam of 3.25m and high gunwales, the 331GT’s large internal width has a fully customizable modular design, alongside numerous adaptable features that give flexibility of use. A convertible table to the aft of the boat can transform the U-shaped seating from a dining space to a lounging space with coffee table, or it can disappear entirely should more deck space be needed.

Both inboard and outboard versions are available, as is a wide range of decking, hull, tube and upholstery options. Being a fully customizable superyacht tender, many aesthetic elements and colours can be adapted to match the mothership.
“The name Onda brings with it a certain pedigree and trust that a boat will deliver comfort, performance and seaworthiness,” adds George Riginos. “But the features and capabilities of the 331GT mark a new era for our open tenders. We have worked hard across the board to create the sense that the 331GT is not just a support boat or tender to a superyacht, but that it is a ‘mini yacht’ – a standalone boat, in its own right. With a number of deliveries expected this year, and orders taking us through 2020, many of our clients have already seen the potential of the Onda 331GT.”


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