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Aluqa Aluminium Tenders Making International Debut during Cannes Yachting Festival 2017

Aluqa Aluminium Tenders Making International Debut during Cannes Yachting Festival 2017

Twello (Nederland), 8th of september 2017

- First international nautical appearance of Aluqa Abalone Tender 28


- Sales announcement of three Abalone concept models


- HISWA crowned Motor Yacht of the Year 2016 fuels model extension


Exclusive boat builder Aluqa from the Netherlands debuts internationally during the Cannes Yachting Festival with its Abalone 28. The success of the Aluqa Abalone 28 has lead to a further range extension with the concept models of  24, 40 and 48 ft. Order books for these models will be opened as of the Cannes Yacht show. At the HISWA fair, the Aluqa Abalone 28 was crowned Motor Yacht of the year 2016. That award further motivated Karl Haagen and the Aluqa team to extend the model range.  

The Aluqa Abalone 28 is a sophisticated aluminium tender in a contemporary design, custom made and hand crafted in Aluqa’s production facility in the Netherlands. Aluminium manufacturing creates possibilities for lightweight, unique design and low-user-maintenance. The Aluqa Abalone 28 is equipped with smart technologies in a mixture of elegant and modern design, as will be demonstrated on the Mediterranean waters during the Cannes Yachting Show from 12 to 17 september 2017.


Using aluminium for building offshore rigs and components for boating models is a smart development that was picked up early by Aluqa’s founding company Esteq. The Aluqa Abalone 28, with a top speed of 70 km/h, has a total length of 8,5 meter and a width 2.65 of meter, weighing 2,500 kilograms. Elegantly curved and contemporarily shaped, the Aluqa Abalone 28 underlines that the possibilities of aluminium are endless. Smart technologies, such as an interactive tablet for manuals and maintenance updates, are built in as a standard.




In Cannes, Aluqa will open its order books for the new models that are added to the range. “From the very start, we were determined to make Aluqa unique and exclusive,” says founder Karl Haagen. “These aluminium boats stand out in design, speed, convenience and comfort. Adding the new 24, 40 and 48 ft. to the order books is simply an extension of our initial vision and was fuelled by becoming HISWA Motor Yacht of the Year in 2016”.




Produced with the latest craftsmanship in the area of aluminium boat building, the Aluqa Abalone range is manufactured from an unprecedented vision and with excellent quality characteristics. All tenders have phenomenal stability on low and high speeds, in and off shore conditions and are built to meet the highest quality standards for interior and exterior design. Evidence for these claims can be found in the award-winning Aluqa Abalone Tender 28.


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