Two more Silent 80 sold and the under construction flagship becomes Silent 80 - Barche Elettriche - NAUTICA REPORT
Barche Elettriche / Two more Silent 80 sold and the under construction flagship becom...
Two more Silent 80 sold and the under construction flagship becomes Silent 80

Two more Silent 80 sold and the under construction flagship becomes Silent 80

South African Owner of the first SILENT 80 shares his vision on why he has chosen a solar powered yacht.
- SILENT 80 (previously SILENT 79) is a flagship model of SILENT-YACHTS
- 4 SILENT 80 sold so far
- Designed in and out by Marco Casali of Too Design
- Naval architecture by MICAD
- Solar-powered propulsion and household, pure silence due to electric propulsion
- Same li-ion batteries like in Tesla cars
- Max speed is up to 18 knots on 2x250 kW engines
- Clean environment, no vibrations and fumes
- No generator required for air conditioning and cooking at anchor
- The SILENT 80 is self-sufficient with unlimited range without burning fuel
SILENT-YACHTS, the innovative Austrian company that produces the first and only oceangoing solar-electric production catamarans in the world, is delighted to announce that its flagship model now named the SILENT 80 (previously SILENT 79) records 4 units sold in few months. 
The first unit of the SILENT 80 model was sold to her South African owner. The shipyard’s largest vessel to date is now under construction in Ancona, Italy. The delivery is planned for early 2020. Three more units have also been sold to owners and will be delivered later in 2020.
“To me, this yacht is a great synthesis of form and function,” Neil Murray (co-founder of the NASDAQ listed company, the owner of the SILENT 80 #1 said. “My intent is to promote the concept of solar yachting and I want people to see elegance in the concept, not just practicality.”
“We’re extremely happy to confirm that the project that was first announced in the end of 2018 as a 79-footer has gained one foot in length during negotiations with a client,” said Michael Köhler, SILENT-YACHTS Founder and CEO. “I’m sure Mr Murray and his lovely family will be having many memorable moments cruising together in pure silence and absolute comfort on board their new yacht.”
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