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News / Route du Rhum - Merron – out of one “horror show” but one more to...
Route du Rhum - Merron – out of one “horror show” but one more to come

Route du Rhum - Merron – out of one “horror show” but one more to come

November 08, 2018 09:11

British skipper Miranda Merron on Campagne de France in Class40s has been showing all her experience in keeping her race on track through the very difficult conditions in the early stages of this Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe.


Merron is currently lying in 13th place and heading south at a position about 260 nautical miles west-northwest of Cape Finisterre in her impressive-looking lime green monohull. Here is her latest update from on board as she continues in her third Rhum.


“Three low pressure systems down, one to go tonight. The past two have been boat-breaking and the next one promises more of the same. It's the one marked ‘STORM’ on the American synoptic charts heading for the UK/France tomorrow. 


“Top wind speed in yesterday's horror show was 55 knots. A sail change in 'just' 35 knots cost me nine miles in the wrong direction. When things go wrong and it's windy, it takes a while to sort out, especially alone. 


“I will prepare early for tonight's entertainment, which is promising 30-35 knots for almost 24 hours, so there will be more. I have been living in my Ursuit drysuit for the past few days - excellent - it really is dry. It's not coming off anytime soon! 


“At times it has been so rough that moving anywhere is risky, so I have also been wearing my crash helmet down below. 


“It must be almost dawn, but it’s still a deep black night and impossible to tell the sea from the sky. Civilised windspeed and direction now, and it's almost dry on deck. 


“I got stuck in a no-wind hole for a while, so did some repairs, including to a sail which is now aloft. The job list is quite long! If I had been closer to land, I would have made a pit-stop. All those competitors who went to seek shelter made a smart move!”


Cover photo © Jean-Marie Liot

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