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Barche a vela / Rustler 24
Rustler 24

Rustler 24

Inspired by some of the Classic designs from the last century, the Rustler 24 offers the day boat sector a new dimension by combining traditional long keel sea-keeping and handling qualities, with the practicality of modern materials and systems.


Here is a real alternative to the ‘crash bang’ style of modern day boats - for those amongst us with a passion for elegance!


By taking great care with the design and layout of the yacht, the Rustler 24 has successfully achieved the impression of grandeur unusual in a yacht of her size. And using Rustler’s simplified sail handling system, the full performance of this exceptional dayboat can be achieved with the minimum of crew – single-handed if the mood takes you!


A perfect combination of elegance, performance and practicality.  But beauty here is more than skin deep, with attention to detail and a quality of finish rarely seen on boats of this type.  The result is that the Rustler 24 strikes a unique balance between sailing performance, ease of handling, high quality materials and world class workmanship.


The very high ballast ratio makes for a stiff and stable boat, combine this with a deep roomy cockpit and you get a sense of security second to none.


The Rustler 24 is capable of a great deal more than just looking pretty.




Hull Type:  Fin Keel Rig Type:  Fractional Sloop
LOA:  24.00' / 7.32m LWL:  17.67' / 5.39m
Beam:  6.25' / 1.91m Listed SA:  272 ft2 / 25.27 m2
Draft (max.)  3.42' / 1.04m Draft (min.)  
Displacement:  3615 lbs./ 1640 kgs. Ballast:  2072 lbs. / 940 kgs.
Sail Area/Disp.1:  18.53 Bal./Disp.:  57.32% Disp./Len.:  292.52
Designer:  David Boyd/Rustler
Builder:  Rustler Yachts
Construction:  FG Bal. type:  Lead
First Built:  2010 Last Built:   # Built:  
BUILDERS (past & present)
More about & boats built by:   Rustler Yachts Ltd.

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Falmouth, England, english yacht

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