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Barche Elettriche / Aquamare 750 GTE - Bespoke luxury
Aquamare 750 GTE - Bespoke luxury

Aquamare 750 GTE - Bespoke luxury

Liso Yachts introduces the first Full electric high speed luxury Boat.


The Liso Aquamare 750 GTE is a first class Runabout. Encapsulating the values of elegance, craftsmanship and uniqueness. The Aquamare 750 GTE innovates with it's 140kWh battery,as the first ever, in a unique manner that is sure to delight those who seek the best sports boat features in a luxury powerboat. 


A comprehensive approach to weight and balance combined with our high-tech patented WBEC composite materials used in the construction of the HSWPP hull make the Aquamare 750 GTE a superbly designed vessel.




The sharp, crisp feature lines of the new Aquamare 750 GTE show the influence of classic proven design. Encapsulating the values of elegance, craftsmanship and uniqueness. The futuristic haunch line exudes a sense of refined power.Inside the new Aquamare 750 GTE, Liso’s design team has taken nautical craftsmanship to an exquisite new level.For its 8 passengers, the interior of the Aquamare 750 GTE provides a ‘Noble Sanctuary’, the ultimate retreat, silent and luxurious, comprising the most exquisite materials and forms in absolute privacy. To showcase Liso’s unmatched attention to detail, we have selected a striking quality of interior upholstery, Hand-cut and hand-stitched in grade-A real VEGAN leather hides.




Sustainable, eye-catching Luxury.

Take action without changing your life. As you live your life you can reduce your environmental impact, even for your our boat. Your new liso boat uses Lithium batteries, which are 97% recyclable, the electric engine has a 95% efficiency an enormous difference with the 20% efficiency of a gasoline engine. Your carbon footprint is even lower by using the real vegan leather.Not only does vegan leather make the boat look good, it also makes you feel good because it’s cruelty-free. The Aquamare 750 GTE uses an environmentally friendly vegan leather and as a result it gives much more advantages:it is soft, elastic, waterproof, fireproof and resistant to a large amount of chemicals. 




Quality first, a liso is a pleasure, not a burden. Liso has developed one of the most advanced boat Infotainment systems, tailor made hardware and software done by the best for IOS and Android. Optimum level of integration makes our systems the ideal choice for high-performance boats. Every components is perfectly matched to the entire system which results in the most power-dense system in the 220+ kW range. A tailor made battery system of 400V 140kWh for the most demanding jobs. In-house designed stainless steel deck hardware that can withstand 1Ton of power each. Corrosion is a thing of the past




Liso doesn't provide only 80hp nor do we deliver 500hp to drains your battery in less than 15 minutes.

You can use our raw power of 300hp, however liso's patented management system provides you a minimal of 3h at cruising speed. And a full day of pleasure navigating rivers and canals.

" Performance meets ingenuity"



Battery Nom:  

Battery Max: 

Home charging 22kVa:

Fast charging: 

Length overall:








Mass Trailer (mT):


Coastal waters Speed:

140 kWh

250 kWh



8 m (26 ft)

2,5 m (98 inch)

0,4/0,8 m 

8 p





1500 Kg 

 C 8

95 Kmh>

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