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Yacht / New Canados Oceanic 143 Tri-Deck flagship launched and ready for ...
New Canados Oceanic 143 Tri-Deck flagship launched and ready for world debut at Cannes Yachting Festival 2022

New Canados Oceanic 143 Tri-Deck flagship launched and ready for world debut at Cannes Yachting Festival 2022

- The Iconic Roman Shipyard will officially introduce its new Oceanic Line Flagship, the 143’ Tri-Deck, at the upcoming fall Boat Shows.


- The Oceanic 143’ Tri-Deck offers the best of both world; extremely long-range capabilities and a 24 knots top end speed.


- She is the result of an in-house design and engineering with luxury interiors by Michela Reverberi Design from Rome.


- In addition to the luxury, yet elegant interiors and unique construction quality, the Oceanic 143’ features unseen before outdoor entertainment spaces.


- The Oceanic 143’ Tri-Deck will undertake dock trials until July 20 and will then undergo its sea-trials period.





Capitalizing on over seven decades of luxury yacht building, Canados started producing the OCEANIC line of boats aiming at bringing to the market the unique concept of an Explorer styled yacht in terms of design and range with much more than the 13 knots usual top speed offered by most explorers on the market.


Canados engineering department started from a blank piece of paper rethinking a new hull architecture from scratch. That would allow for optimum comfort and reduced fuel consumption at long range speeds (from 8 to 12 knots) with the capacity to run the boat up to 24 knots with the 143’ model and even faster with the 76’, 81’ and 100’ models.



The Oceanic 143’ Tri-Deck has been launched on June 29, 2022 and will be unveiled to the general public at the 2022 Cannes Yachting Festival and Monaco Yacht Show.




The hull architecture that was developed by Canados had to be:


-  Able to provide for optimum comfort at displacement speeds between 8 and 12 knots with minimum hydrodynamic drag to reduce fuel consumption;

-  Extremely stable from idle to top speed;

-  Capable of 24 knots top to allow owners, when onboard, to move rapidly from a destination to another.





Three criteria that have never been united in a single boat.


Multiple tank testing sessions were necessary to reach the desired performance levels at each given speed considering the additional challenge of having an expedition typed vessel with a massive superstructure installed so far forward. Here, the difficulty was to keep a perfect longitudinal balance considering the distribution of the masses. This is how Canados solved all these critical challenges:





On a 43-metre luxury yacht, apart from the power package, reaching 24 knots could not be achieved with a displacement hull. A typical planning hull had to be removed from the equation since it’s not able to offer the required stability at displacement/slow speeds.


As weight is always the hidden enemy, the hull was entirely built in E-Glass and Vinylester resin while the superstructure is made of Kevlar/Aramat. A solution that considerably reduces maintenance costs, ages much better and has a much higher impact resistance compared to steel or aluminum.


The Oceanic particular hull architecture, named by Canados Technical Office as “Displanning”, offers the speed of a conventional planning hull and the comfort of a displacement hull at low speeds.





Moving a 43-meter by 8.2-meter beam tri-deck yacht at 24 knots is not an easy task. The Oceanic 143’ is powered with three of the all-new Caterpillar C32 B-Series 12-cylinder 3-Turbo engines developing 2400 hp each.


Another goal was to run the boat at low speeds for long crossings, so the center engine gearbox is equipped with an intercooler allowing turning it off and running the boat from eight knots on the side engines at low rpm, burning only 40 liters per hour. This performance is obtained with the help of the purposedly designed bulbous bow increasing the waterline length by about 5 meters compared to a regular hull. An apparatus that also considerably reduces pitching in facing seas.


For performance reasons as well as to reduce draft and allow the boat to anchor as close as possible to the beach, the three shafts are installed in tunnels, allowing draft to be reduced to about 2 meters.





With masses linked to the superstructure deported far forward, the hull architecture had to compensate the potential balance issue. Thus, the retained solution was to reduce the buoyancy of the aft section of the hull. This has been obtained by creating two massive steps while the tunnel drives are also reducing the hull volume aft lowering the buoyancy.


Engines had to be installed as close as possible to the transom resulting in the use of U-Drive gearbox systems.


Stability is essential for modern owners, so the boat had to be the most stable of its kind. At 24 knots, fins are not the ideal solutions and Canados therefore called for an Australian made 4-tons Veem® VG 145 SD gyroscope installed underneath the central tender bay (for a 6-meter tender). As well, the entire first section of the hull is equipped with an integral keel. Finally, the 32,000-liter or 8450 US Gallons or 32 m3 8-fuel tanks are all structural allowing to, again, lower the barycenter.





The concept of the Oceanic 143’ Tri-Deck was guided by the constant quest for noise reduction, at anchor, but most importantly underway. This has been achieved by paying particular attention to sound insulation and applying the simple statement that moving the noisy elements as far as possible from guests and owners’ accommodation is the best possible noise reduction apparatus.


The aft position of the engine room where the three generators are also installed (2x 100-kW and a 50-kW night generator) is a major step in reducing noise dispersion. The lower deck aft VIP suites are located about 11 meters from the engine room and three structural bulkheads are separating these cabins from the engines.


The main deck saloon, and this is unique, is located above the guest cabins and all the mechanical noises are contained two structural bulkheads aft of it in the lower deck. The top deck, or owner’s deck, is entirely private and is so far from the engines that even at full speed, the sound level will be limited to the blow of the AC system and sound speakers.





With about 385 Gross Tons, 2 guest cabins, 2 VIP Suites and a full private owner’s deck, the Oceanic 143’ Tri Deck is not only a very comfortable yacht, it also benefits unique outdoor decks.


The aft deck, equipped with an infinity tub, an oversized lounge, game and coffee table, bar with summer kitchen and dining table for 12 people is over 105 square meters.


The two owner’s deck terraces are respectively 44 m2 and 15 m2. The Sun Deck, with bar, sun pad, wing stations and a Turkish bath inside the mast is about 70 square m2.


Finally, behind the massive transom door is a teak dressed air-conditioned gym where two electric cars can be stored and unloaded onto the dock with the Opacmare® Evo-Transformer hydraulic swimming platform.




Dimensions and capacities


Length overall (L.O.A.) 43.45 m / 142’7’’   
Length at Waterline 36.90 m / 121’1’’
Maximum beam 8.22 m /  27’
Draft to propellers 2.10 m /  6’10’’
Empty displacement  225 tons / 496,000 lbs
Full load displacement 270 tons / 595,000 lbs
Fuel tanks capacity 32,000 liters / 8,450 US Gal.
Water tanks capacity 4,500 liters / 1189 US Gal.   
Grey water tanks capacity 2,000 liters / 528 US Gal. 
Wastewater tanks capacity 1,500 liters / 396 US Gal.    
Engines and performances:  
Engines 3 x CATERPILLAR C-32 B SERIES 2400 hp
Maximum speed 24 knots +/- 3%
Cruise speed  19 knots +/- 3%
Cruising Range 6000 NM @ 8 knots
  4000 NM @ 10 knots
  2250 NM @ 12 knots
  950 NM @ 16 knots




In addition to its unique versatility and construction quality, Oceanic Yachts are highly technical vessels.


The best equipment and materials are used in the construction process and include, among others:

-   Boëning® Integration;

-   Furuno® Electronics;

-   Kohler® Generators;

-   Intellian® Satellite Phone and TV;

-   Idromar® Watermaker;

-   Selmar® water treatment plant;

-   Italwinch® Windlasses;

-   Opacmare® Doors and Evo-Transformer;

-   Sanguinetti & Chiavari® gangway and Crane;

-   Detra® propellers;

-   Veem® gyro-stabilizer;

-   Glendinning® Cable-Master;

-   Centek® Gen-Kleen filters;

-   Dometic® AC;

-   Awlgrip® paint.

-   QS Seamster® Bow Thruster and Stern Thruster;

-   Roda® exterior sofas;

-   Boffi® Kitchen;

-   Miele® appliances;

-   Bonaldo® dining table;

-   Minotti® sofas;

-   Poltrona Frau® dining chairs;

-   Bongio® bathroom fixtures;

-   Poltrona Frau® Italian leather;

-   Zeta-Cube light fixtures;

-   Sonos® sound system;

-   Bower & Wilkins® sound speakers;

-   JL® Audio exterior speakers….




2022 Deliveries:

Canados will deliver 17 boats this season from 43’ to 143’. The current order book stands at 33 boats including an Oceanic 76’ Shadow, an Oceanic 100’ Shadow, an Oceanic 143’ Tri-Deck, a Canados 152’ and two Gladiator 961.


2023 will see the launch of four new models will be launched in addition to about 24 Gladiator:


-   Oceanic 76’ Shadow;

-   Oceanic 100’ Shadow;

-   Gladiator 571 Blade;

-   Gladiator 961 Speed.




Located in Ostia, just 7 km from Rome Airport, the iconic Rome based Canados shipyard was founded in 1946 and has successfully delivered over 850 yachts in sizes up to 43 meters. Canados produces 3 product lines, Canados, Gladiator and Oceanic.Canados 80,000 square meters (20 acres) waterfront facility is located at the mouth of the River, 500 meter from the sea.The yard has always remained faithful to the values and secular knowledge jealously protected by craftsmen throughout its heritage. Canados prides itself on being one of the few Italian yacht builders to produce most everything in-house. This knowledge, a true marriage of ancient traditions and innovation is consolidated year after year since 1946.


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